Stan Bush is back with a new album for 2020!

Stan Bush is back with a new album for 2020!

Beckoning you to imagine a better future, Dare To Dream sees the master of motivation return to form…and just in time. Coursing with positivity, Stan Bush’s 14th studio album comes complete with the infectious riffs and uplifting ideas we need now, more than ever! Since the 1980’s, Stan has stood as the stalwart of melodic rock, serving up ageless anthems lovingly crafted to light our darkest hours. Optimistic and nostalgic in equal measures, Dare To Dream is as much a call to action (with “Born To Fight”) as it is a fond recollection (watch the music video for “The 80’s” down below!)

L.A. Records is proud to announce that the new album from Stan Bush, Dare To Dream, will be available everywhere on November 20, 2020. Instant access will be available through digital providers like iTunes and Google Play, and for loyal collectors, the physical media will be available through our site.


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